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Chili Lili's: Milwaukee's Best Just Got Better

Short Orders

Apr. 13, 2011
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A short while back, Chili Lili's Chili Bar (525 E. Menomonee St.) offered a special called "Menomonee Street magma." The dish featured chili prepared with beef tips, pork shoulder, habañero and molasses. It was slightly sweet, with overtones of habañero fire—in other words, it was a bold, tasty chili. So, during a recent visit, it was a pleasure to see that the restaurant's menu now features Menomonee Street magma as an everyday item. The menu has a few other changes as well. Chili now may be ordered as a cup or an entrée-sized serving. Also, the chili may be served over garlic bread, corn bread or mac 'n' cheese. Milwaukee's best place for chili just got a little better.


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