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Prometheus Trio Makes 'Fantasies' a Reality

Classical Preview

Apr. 18, 2011
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The Prometheus Trio, resident piano trio for the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music (WCM), includes pianist Stefanie Jacob, a faculty member of WCM since 1987, along with violinist Timothy Klabunde and cellist Scott Tisdel. Next week they will perform diverse musical gems by Robert Schumann, Ludwig van Beethoven, Lili Boulanger and Maurice Ravel.

Schumann's "Fantasies" show that he was a study in moods, passionate and intense as well as poetic and introspective, fascinated by stories of the grotesque but tethered to reality by his wife, Clara. Schumann's father acknowledged his enthusiasm and talent. Sadly, his father's death (when Schumann was 16) intensified his internal struggles, and for a while Schumann bent to the rule of a stubborn, unimaginative mother. But as 20th-century music critic Philip Hale put it: "In his own field, Schumann is incomparable. No composer has whispered such secrets of subtle and ravishing beauty."

Also on the program are Beethoven's Piano Trio (Kakadu Variations), Boulanger's D'un soir triste and Ravel's Piano Trio.

The concert will be held at the Helen Bader Recital Hall, 1584 N. Prospect Ave., at 7:30 p.m. April 25-26


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