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Abnormal Cattle

Figure 1 (Rabbit Fire)

May. 1, 2011
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Self-loathing, misanthropy, sexual dysfunction, nihilism and the confused sparks of actual caring and fascination with life—Fish Creek, Wis., trio Abnormal Cattle makes it seem as if grunge awoke from its Pacific Northwest burial mound and arose in Door County. All of this is pretty wonderful because the band is no bunch of Nirvana revivalists, but rather have learned the lessons of Cobain and Co. and applied its own sonically scuzzy spin. They also have taken their share of more melodic early-'80s hardcore bands such as Agent Orange. Add to that a vocalist/guitarist sounding like Neil Young's son by a wife from Alabama, and you have a Wisconsin band making a compellingly mature, original racket on their debut.


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