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'When Men Are Young' Explores Bonds of Brotherhood

Book Preview

May. 9, 2011
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A trio of close-knit confidants—Kevin, Zach and Mike—spent their lives growing up together in Milwaukee. On the day of their college graduation, their futures should seem promising and bright. Tragically, it is on this day that these three friends must confront a crisis so unexpected and catastrophic that it forever tears apart their friendship.

Local author Terry Gavin's second novel, When Men Are Young, is a deeply emotional tribute to the joys and pains of the quintessential male brotherhood among three Milwaukee youths who grew up inseparable from one another as they explored the distinct neighborhoods in the city, visited the local bars and concert venues, and faced the afflictions and indiscretions of a typical Midwestern upbringing. The novel is set in a single day that includes meticulous reminiscences from each man, leading to an ever-heightening climax that could only end in sorrow. When Men Are Young features well-developed characters forced to examine the strength of a devoted friendship and consider how well even the most intimate of companions can ever truly understand one another. Told through the authentic voice of each young man, When Men Are Young is written with sincere emotion and the purest expression of fellowship and love.

Writer/actor Gavin graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in English. He released his debut novel, Shaving Without a Razor, in 2008. Gavin will read from When Men are Young at 7 p.m. on May 16 at Boswell Book Co


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