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Ethiopian Cottage's Unique Dining Experience

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May. 26, 2011
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Injera, a large, spongy flatbread that has a slightly tart flavor, adds to the unique experience of dining at an Ethiopian restaurant. All of the entrees are served on top of injera, and it is also your dining utensil—simply tear off a piece and dig in. Local diners looking for this experience can find it at Ethiopian Cottage (1824 N. Farwell Ave.). Many of the tables are traditional, small and made from basketry, so the tabletop is just large enough for a piece of injera. The restaurant recently added a weekday lunch buffet that is mainly vegetarian. Ethiopian food has a broad range of flavors, from mild to very spicy. Here they tend to be on the gentler side. Doro wat is chicken legs cooked in a spicy berbere sauce—definitive Ethiopian cooking. Ethiopian beers are served, as is a honey wine called tej. Ethiopian Cottage offers unique dining at budget prices.


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