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Things To Know About Bear

Jun. 5, 2011
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Bear is close cousin to the family dog
Bear full grown can weigh eight hundred kilos
Bear baby fits in the palm of your hand
Bear can outrun you
Bear can outclimb you
Bear can outlift you
Bear can beat you at a hot dog eating contest
Bear is shyer than you are and hates surprises
Hibernating bear heartbeat is less than ten
Bear is sacred to many people and cannot
be spoken, but Bear has other names:
        old man of the mountains
        light foot
        fur man
        strong one
        honey paw
Spirit Bear will sit by your bed to watch you sleep
Earth Mother evolved from Bear Mother
        who was captured by bears and married one
Polar Bear may be evolving back to the sea

Charlie Rossiter, NEA Fellowship recipient and three-time Pushcart Prize
nominee, hosts   "http://www.poetrypoetry.com/" www.poetrypoetry.com.  He is the author of four books of poetry, and numerous chapbooks.  He lived in Milwaukee through the 1970’s and often returns to visit from nearby Oak Park, IL. More info:  www.charlierossiter.com


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