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Book Club

Fighting, We Were

Jun. 28, 2011
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Fox Lake/Waupun band Book Club follows up an EP with the kind of full-length project that should garner plenty of attention outside of Dodge County. Singer/guitarist Sam Sterk follows Billy Corgan's mold, with a hoarse yet tuneful way with the songs. Sterk and his band mates have learned the right lessons from '90s and '00s commercial radio alt rock, as well as, in subtle measure, earlier psychedelia. Fighting, We Were's sonic quality is clear for having been recorded in the keyboardist's bedroom and Waupun's Christian youth recreation center. It's no great stretch to imagine them trekking a similar path as bands such as Anberlin and Lifehouse. Until that happens, Book Club is certainly good enough to stoke the local pride of Wisconsin rockers.


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