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Pig on the Patio at Ilija's Place in Cudahy

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Jun. 30, 2011
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With its womblike interior of curtains and kilims, Ilija's Place (3701 E. Squire Ave., Cudahy) is dark and comfortable. But come summer, light streams into the fenced-in patio where, every Saturday (weather permitting), a pig is roasted on a spit in a brick fireplace. The pigs come from a local farmer and are cooked for three to five hours until the skin is crisp and the meat—almost literally—melts under the fork. Known for its attractive presentation of Serbian and European dishes, Ilija's Place usually serves a hearty slab of the meat with a trio of flavorful roasted potatoes and a mound of tangy Serbian cabbage salad prepared with oil, vinegar, garlic and pepper. The patio is a quiet getaway near the main strip of Cudahy. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday at 5 p.m.


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