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Kids in the Hall

Tonight @ the Riverside Theater - 7:00 PM

Apr. 5, 2008
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Since their absurdist sketch comedy show ended in 1995, all five members of the Kids in the Hall have stayed visible, albeit TV personality-visible, not major-star visible. Mark McKinney spent a few years on “Saturday Night Live”; Scott Thompson became the host of “My Fabulous Gay Wedding”; Kevin McDonald guest-starred in more than a dozen sitcoms and Bruce McCulloch turned toward writing and directing. Dave Foley found the most celebrity, thanks to his sitcom “NewsRadio,” but after NBC unceremoniously canceled that program, the Kids reunited for 2000 and 2002 live tours, and then again for a 2007 performance at a Canadian comedy festival, for which they’d written a wealth of new material. They’ve generated even more new characters and sketches for their latest tour, but still promise plenty of fan favorites and, of course, ample cross-dressing. [Click here to read ExpressMilwaukee’s exclusive interview with Kevin McDonald.]


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