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Video Games Previews: Aliens, Legend of Zelda, Bioshock Infinite, and Back to the Future

Jul. 8, 2011
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Since no great games came out this week, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of the best news on video games and gather them together right here on ExpressMilwaukee for your enjoyment. There's a lot of great stuff coming up on the horizon ... we just need to be a little patient.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Game maker Gearbox tells you all about the video game that's a sequel to Aliens. Really, it's the game you've always wanted to play. Remember how great the marine missions were in the new Aliens vs. Predator? Well, this game is going to be like that, and it sounds like the developers really know their stuff. The video will explain the basic premise, which sounds reasonable, as well as offer some clues as to how the gameplay will feel.

Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword wrap-up


From the E3 showing. It looks like it might be a good game, but at this point I'm ready to just wait for something a little prettier to hit the shelves. Going through Link's transformation from Dude to Awesome Dude got a little stale last time around, to the point that I didn't even bother to finish the game. It's horrible, I know, but I couldn't help it. This new game might be more of the same, but at least it sounds interesting.

Bioshock Infinite


If you're like me, you're waiting not-too-patiently for this new installment of the Bioshock franchise. A floating city menaced by insane people with insane powers? Count me in twice. And now that more information about the main character is beginning to leak out, the storyline will solidify and we can all start speculating on what crazy stuff is going to happen.

Back to the Future


Since my Internet is having a horrible time downloading games, I thought I'd throw a link to my favorite review of the new Back to the Future game for you to check out. The premise is pretty simple: Doc gets arrested in 1931. From there, the storyline deviates from the movies in what seems like a good way—namely, the game doesn't try to re-tell the movies, which is a classic mistake in any game based on a movie.


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