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Fallout: Old World Blues Review

9.0 out of 10

Aug. 12, 2011
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Now here's a real downloadable addition to the Fallout franchise. It's got exploration. It's got humor. It's got weird creatures. It's got creepy settings. Really, it's the whole kit and caboodle.

After you download this newest chapter in Fallout: New Vegas, you'll be guided to the old drive-in theater outside of that creepy place where all the townsfolk were crucified Roman-style. From there, you'll be whisked away to a secret lab out in the middle of nowhere—and have to suffer through an annoying little "pre-story" story in order to know what's going on.

When you wake up, you're missing your brain, heart and spine, but don't worry: you've got some replacements. You see, a bunch of robot-like guys (with fantastic, hilarious personalities) have lobotomized you and there were complications. When you walk in on them, you find yourself in the middle of a little squabble with another robot-like dude. This particular dude is obsessed with destroying you all with SCIENCE!!!

You have to help these guys who lobotomized you, but before you agree, feel free to draw out the initial argument ... it's hilarious and true to the nature of the Fallout franchise. One of the robot-like fellows is convinced your bare toes are penises, among other things. I can't stress enough how much fun it is to interact with interesting characters. This should sound like a given, but it really isn't.

From there, you can expect a pretty big game as you explore each of the sections of the mysterious "city," encountering tough robots and tough lobotomites who have suffered similar afflictions as yourself ... with less desirable results.

The entire area looks nice and has a creepy science-lab vibe to it, with plenty of neat stuff to explore. The characters you meet are fantastic and hilarious, too. All in all, you'll find yourself really enjoying this new mission.

Stock up: You're gonna need stimpacks, and lots of them.

Casual friends:
I think you can take a companion with you. For some weird reason, an NCR officer started following me and I couldn't get rid of her until I was already stuck inside the downloadable mission. From there, she was of little help and eventually I accidentally killed her.

There's nothing quite like:
happening upon rotting skeletons.

Level cap:
Raised by 5 again.


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