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Maxie’s Southern Comfort

Apr. 8, 2008
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Maxie’s Southern Comfort
6732 W. Fairview Ave.

The term “Southern” says it all about this place. Preparations tend to focus on Louisiana, but there also are hints of the Carolinas on this diverse menu. Setting the mood is an appetizer of fried green tomatoes with a thin coating of batter, served with a remoulade sauce for dipping. The surprise hit is the “RWB” (red, white and blue) slaw. The red and white are the colors of the cabbage while the blue is the cheese (though it isn’t visible in the vinegar marinade, it immediately makes its presence known). It’s a novel and tasty presentation, as are most items on the menu. (J.B.)

Runners-up: Bayou, Fishbone’s


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