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Fill Up at Café India

Aug. 16, 2011
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Gas stations are not what they used to be—and for those looking for food, that's a good thing. One example is the Walker's Point Plaza Mobil station, located between First and Second streets. The site offers a convenience store, a car wash, a liquor store and two small restaurants offering pizzas and gyros. The newest addition, Café India (605-A S. First St.), is India's answer to American fast-food restaurants. Many of the items are already prepared, and the prices are cheap. The vegetarian items tend to stay good for quite a while. Samosas are $1 and vegetarian entrees are $5.99 (the most expensive meat tandoori item is $7.99). The menu is not extensive, but the choices are sound. Plan on taking the order “to go,” as there are only a few tables. The next time you fill the gas tank, order some lamb curry masala as a carryout.


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