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The Center of Water Street

Aug. 25, 2011
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Want a coffee or a danish? Maybe you need to work it off or how about a haircut?  Well now you can do all that in one place. "Work, life, balance" is the catch phrase that describes the mission of the newly revamped City Center at 735 N. Water St., says Sheldon Oppermann, vice president of Compass Properties, a member of Noel Group.

What's the buildings history?  Is it a landmark?

It was built in 1912 for the First National Bank and is a Daniel Burnham design. It is designated as a local landmark but is not listed in the Federal registry. Then in late 1959 the owners built the annex building next to us, the 731 building. In 2002 we bought both buildings and spent a few years renovating them.  Last December we unveiled what's now branded as the City Center at 735.  It's the combination of these two buildings and the amenities that comes along with having such a big complex of space.

Can you tell me about the renovations that were done?

The real challenge with any existing building is that it remains competitive and relevant in the marketplace. We set ourselves the goal on our 100th anniversary of not only being competitive but leading the market.  We did a historic renovation of the cornice around the top of the building, and rebuilt our common area interiors. In 2010 we completely renovated the 731 building where Gold's Gym is located and in the next 90 days we're going to be completely rebuilding the river walk and adding a dining area for our restaurant space.

What amenities or services can your tenants expect from the City Center?

Every employee who works in the building gets a free membership to a 24-hour concierge service, so if you need anything as simple as reservations, directions, or to schedule an appointment you can call or email and get help. There is an onsite café, we have a number of meeting spaces available with no charge to our tenants and they also get a discounted membership to Gold's Gym. Valet parking is available for tenants and visitors, and our tenants are welcome to park nights or weekends. We also have a couple of unique services. Sendiks offers a delivery service. If a tenant gives us a call and lets our concierge know before 11 am what they need to take home with them, like a loaf of bread, we'll keep it refrigerated until you go home. We also have a service that will come here and change the oil in your car or get it washed. Again the goal is that you can really focus on your work and your life and we'll take care of the stuff that distracts you in the day. For more information visit www.citycenter735.com


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