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Lesley Kagen's Highly Anticipated 'Good Graces'

Next Chapter Bookshop hosts release party

Aug. 30, 2011
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Lesley Kagen looks to build on the phenomenal success of her 2007 novel, Whistling in the Dark, with the sequel Good Graces. The second book again features a captivating, locally based narrative told in the authentic voices of Sally O'Malley and her rebellious baby sister, Troo.

Good Graces
recommences in the summer of 1960 as an unparalleled Milwaukee heat wave and a string of unfortunate incidents, including a series of burglaries and the mysterious disappearance of a curious orphan, jeopardize the safety of the two sisters. The dreadful memories of the previous year's tragedies are still fresh in the O'Malley girls' minds, as they agonize over the painful death of their father before once again finding themselves ensnared in a dangerous web that threatens their sanctuary.

Good Graces
is filled with compelling wit and sensitivity. Sally scrambles to keep her sibling safe at all costs, and both youngsters discover joys, sorrows and complexities as they come of age in an earlier era of Milwaukee.

Kagen grew up in Milwaukee and attended UW-Madison. Whistling in the Dark was a New York Times best seller and earned a Midwest Honor Award. Kagen will begin her book tour for Good Graces with a release party at Next Chapter Bookshop on Sept. 1 at 7 p.m. The $30 admission fee includes an autographed copy of the novel and two tickets to the event. Kagen will also appear at Books & Company in Oconomowoc on Sept. 6 at 7 p.m.


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