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Pop's BBQ Delivers Taste to Milwaukee

Short Orders

Sep. 1, 2011
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Don't let the inconspicuous white kitchen truck fool you. Parked outside the CVS Pharmacy at 76th and Mill Road, Pop's BBQ has some of the city's most delicious grilled meat. Open on weekends until Christmas "if Santa Claus is good to me," Pop serves beef, pork, fowl and sausages with hospitable Southern charm. The combo box for $18 is a hearty sampler. My recent order was packed with a hot dog, a Polish sausage, a chicken breast and generous piles of beef brisket, pulled pork and rib tips, all swimming in a sweetly spicy sauce. A white bread, store-bought hamburger bun was perched atop this carnivore's banquet. For coleslaw and other fixins, you're on your own. Take Pop's wares home or find a park picnic table because there's nowhere nearby to sit and chow down. This may not be the most convenient street food, but it's worth the effort.


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