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The Android Meme

Ordo Ab Chao (Magna Carta Records)

Sep. 3, 2011
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Loaded with songs about secret societies and government experiments, the debut CD from Toronto's The Android Meme also borrows musical references from groups as wide-ranging as Rush and Tears for Fears. If you've read this far, you should know that the title of Ordo Ab Chao comes from the Latin expression meaning “order out of chaos.” And while this quartet certainly brings the chaos with a difficult-to-define retro sound that verges on danceable metal, order is in short supply.

Complex yet clocking in at a concise 46-and-a-half minutes, Ordo Ab Chao is anchored by vocalist Stefano S. Amelio, who draws comparisons to Ozzy Osbourne and Geddy Lee. Taken collectively, this album represents a twist on the new wave of progressive metal.

Given the serious content of these songs, though, Magna Carta seems remiss in packaging Ordo Ab Chao in a digipak that does not include lyrics.


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