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Bus Route 30

Sep. 7, 2011
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Route 30 is a relatively short route, but it's useful for students because it covers a significant portion of Milwaukee's Downtown and directly connects the Marquette and UW-Milwaukee campuses. When the bus reaches the latter neighborhood, two separate routes appear (the Maryland and the Downer), so riders should be sure to check their maps to see which one they want to ride.

The long western branch of the 30 Route, running north-south on 35th and then Sherman Boulevard (as well as a few shorter jogs on other streets), is mostly residential. But there are a few landmarks on the southern end, close to where it joins Wisconsin Avenue for its eastward segment. Included in this area are Washington Park (which the 10 passes on its Vliet Street border) and MillerCoors (3939 W. Highland Blvd.), which offers brewery tours.

The 30 travels east on Wisconsin from 35th Street to Van Buren, all of which is also covered by the 10. In the Van Buren segment we find the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (831 N. Van Buren St.) and the adjacent Cathedral Square Park, beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and neon light sculptures during the holiday season.

The next major turn takes the 30 onto Prospect Avenue, which runs north parallel to the lake through Milwaukee's East Side. Here we find the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music (1584 N. Prospect Ave.), which hosts student concerts throughout the year.

Two routes diverge at the intersection of Prospect and North avenues. The first—the Maryland bus—takes you north on Maryland Avenue through a largely residential part of town all the way up to the northern edge of UWM's campus. It then turns east onto Edgewood Avenue, and south on Downer Avenue for two blocks, and then returns to Maryland via Hartford. The bus retraces part of its route and then heads south on Farwell instead of Prospect.

The second route—the Downer bus—completes its UWM circuit in much the same way, except that it does its north-south travel predominantly on Downer Avenue instead of Maryland. This route takes you through a more commercial part of the East Side, which may be more interesting to some students. On this part of Downer we find the historic Downer Theatre (2589 N. Downer Ave.). A favorite among the post-movie crowd is across the street, the Low Country-themed Café Hollander (2608 N. Downer Ave.).

The Downer and Maryland routes converge at North Avenue and head south on Farwell Avenue, putting many more delightful shops, restaurants and bars easily within walking distance. Among these is the Oriental Theatre (2230 N. Farwell Ave.), a beautiful cinema built in 1927. The enchanting theater, which mostly shows indie and art films, makes for a nostalgic moviegoing experience.

Also on Farwell are Sobelman's Tall Grass Grill (1952 N. Farwell Ave.), with enormous burgers that are very popular with the college crowd; Pizza Shuttle (1827 N. Farwell Ave.); and Maharaja (1550 N. Farwell Ave.), an Indian restaurant with a lunch buffet to die for.

After this jaunt, the bus rejoins Wisconsin Avenue via Jackson and travels west the same way it came before.


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