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Leon’s Frozen Custard

Apr. 11, 2008
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Leon’s Frozen Custard
3131 S. 27th St.

Really, you can’t go wrong with any frozen custard—by nature of its rich ingredients, this treat is inherently delicious no matter who serves it up. Still, plenty of Milwaukeeans will drive miles out of their way for Leon’s, which they loyally tout as the city’s one true custard stand. It’s certainly one of the oldest. Built in 1942, and purportedly the inspiration for the “Happy Days” drive-in, Leon’s is lit up by dynamic, neon signs straight out of the ’50s. On hot summer nights, Milwaukeeans mingle as they wait in long lines for old-fashioned sundaes and floats. Great custard is ubiquitous in this city, but a trip to Leon’s is as much about the experience as it is the dessert. (E.R.)

Runners-up: Culver’s, Gilles


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