Tonight @ the Rave - 8:00 PM

Apr. 11, 2008
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After their 1997 mega-hit “MMMBop” ran its course, Hanson set upon the arduous task of establishing themselves as a real band, a major challenge for a group whose charm was specifically that they never seemed like a real band, but rather just three singing brothers chirping disposable pop. Since their subsequent “mature” albums failed commercially, the group has made more of an effort to meld their adult-alternative leanings with the sugary pop that made them draws in the first place. They likely don’t have another hit single in them, but given the teen-pop stigma they’re saddled with, the mere fact that they’re still touring behind semi-respectable new material is something of a triumph. The tenacious group plays an 8 p.m. show tonight at the Rave.


Now that Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare have stalled indefinitely, do you believe the party will be able to pass tax reform?

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