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Closed Until Spring

Oct. 16, 2011
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This is the season of Ed Gein
and Jeffrey Dahmer. Sleep days,

fish through ice, pry firewood from
frozen mounds of snow. Buy wine

at the gas station. Court darkness.
Speak to no one. This is winter

in Wisconsin. Write horror stories.
Embrace the cold.

John Lehman is the founder and original publisher of Rosebud, a national magazine of short stories, poetry and illustration. He is also the literary editor of the Wisconsin People & Ideas. He has presented writing seminars in dozens of cities throughout the country (including, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Monterey, Cape Cod, Scottsdale, Saint Petersburg, San Diego and St. Louis).  His books are available on amazon.com. John grew up in Chicago but now lives with his wife, Talia Schorr, and their four dogs and multiple cats in Rockdale, the smallest incorporated village in Wisconsin.


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