Green Naugahyde (ATO Records/Prawn Song Records)

Oct. 24, 2011
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If you've never really been a fan of the zany, whimsical world of Primus, Green Naugahyde—the band's first studio album in 11 years—probably won't change your mind. Commandeered by bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, Primus circa 2011 consists of longtime guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Jay Lane, who returns to the band after a brief stint in the '80s.

With early Primus material as a template, these tracks nevertheless represent the next phase of the band, thanks to Lane's intricate interplay and the fresh approach he brings. This is fun yet challenging stuff, highlighted by “Tragedy's a'Comin',” which is way groovier than its title suggests, the repetitive yet absorbing “Eternal Consumption Engine” and “Extinction Burst,” a messy explosion of off-kilter world beats. And if you're not humming the chorus of “Last Salmon Man” long after Green Naugahyde has stopped spinning, you simply weren't paying attention.


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