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Call to Action: Pick 'n Save/Metro Market Shoppers

We Need You to Speak Up

Oct. 26, 2011
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More than 192,700 of our 260,000 Shepherd Express readers do some of their grocery shopping at a Roundy's Pick 'n Save or Metro Market, according to Media Audit, and many of you have conveniently picked up your Shepherd Express during your grocery shopping at Roundy's for over a decade. The Shepherd Express is currently available at more than 1,100 locations, including virtually every supermarket in the five-county Milwaukee metropolitan region.

Unfortunately, That Is Going to Change

The Shepherd Express has been notified that Roundy's has decided that, as of Nov. 5, it will no longer offer its customers the opportunity to pick up their Shepherd Express when they shop at one of its grocery stores.

Why Is This Happening?

As many of you know, the Shepherd had been in all of the Pick 'n Save stores until early this April, when the Shepherd ran a cover endorsement of JoAnne Kloppenburg for Supreme Court justice. Within a day of the Shepherd's distribution of this endorsement throughout the community, Roundy's contacted the Shepherd Express and told us to immediately remove our newspapers from all five of its Brookfield Pick 'n Save stores. Now Roundy's is telling the Shepherd to remove our newspapers from all of its Pick n' Save stores.

 What You Can Do

Roundy's has said that this is just a business decision. When we told some of our readers of Roundy's decision, they asked: Isn't keeping happy the 192,700 Shepherd readers who shop at a Pick 'n Save or Metro Market a good business decision?

So if you like being able to conveniently pick up your Shepherd Express each week at your local Pick 'n Save/Metro Market store, please call "Chairman Bob" (Mariano), who has always been a very reasonable person, at 414-231-5804, and politely ask him to please continue to provide that customer service.

The Shepherd has been provided free to the residents of the Milwaukee area for almost 30 years, and we have never asked for anything in return. Now we would sincerely appreciate your help in letting Roundy's know that you appreciate their making your Shepherd so conveniently available.

If someone does not agree with the views of the Shepherd Express, they do not need to pick it up, but the 192,700 Pick 'n Save/Metro Market shoppers who read the Shepherd should not be penalized.

Thank you for your help.


Louis Fortis


The Shepherd Express


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