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Bite My Ear Tango

Oct. 30, 2011
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The body gets lonely two
legs want yours entwined

wants a breast to nest
and nipple speak

a navel to press
the button to the upper

terrace where I loved
your shoulders just for

supporting your neck
and head as my Blaze roses

climbed your trellis best
Miracle-gro stems bringing out

the brightest in each other
like the crimson amaryllis

I bought you
its large puckering lips

are they still trumpeting
without me?

Paula Goldman’s first book, The Great Canopy, was published by Gival Press, 2005. Originally from Atlantic City, still home of the Elephant Hotel, moved to Milwaukee with her family decades ago. She was a reporter for The Milwaukee Journal before receiving an MFA from Vermont College. She is a docent emeritus at the Milwaukee Art Museum and lecturer on Greek mythology, otherwise known as Dallas and Dynasty revisited.


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