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Doug Stanhope

Tonight @ the BBC - 9:00 PM

Apr. 13, 2008
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There’s an air of sadness in the comedy of Doug Stanhope, the comedian who inherited “The Man Show” secondhand from its more-famous creators, Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel. The alcoholism he jokes of is not the fun kind, but rather a more troubling, “I just gambled the house away” form of alcoholism. His short-lived stint hosting Girls Gone Wild was also depressing, albeit not as depressing as the button-pushing pedophilia jokes that make up much of his act. Tonight Stanhope brings his dude-friendly shock humor to the BBC for a 9 p.m. performance.


Would white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan pose the same threat they do now if a mainstream Republican were president instead of Donald Trump?

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