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Reviews: Sonic Generations, Orcs Must Die!, and Burger Time

Nov. 4, 2011
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Sonic Generations

8.0 out of 10

I know, I know ... I'm a complete hypocrite. Just a week ago I was lamenting the lack of story in Battlefield 3 and now here I am giving a great review to a Sonic game? He's a hedgehog, for crying out loud! Well, let me answer such charges with a swift reply:

Screw you. This game is outrageous fun.

I started off playing a "classic" level, and I wasn't impressed. In fact, I found myself suddenly transported back to my teenage years when my friend, attempting to convince me the Sega Genesis was better than the SNES, made me play the original Sonic for hours. I liked it, but I hated it, too, because my eyes just couldn't handle the speeeeeeeed.

But this game works. As you'll quickly find, you get to control two different versions of Sonic, and how much you love Sonic games will probably determine which kinds of levels you like more. I personally couldn't get enough of the 3D parts, but be warned: you'll die once in awhile, and you'll do it in a frustrating way.

Small problems aside (and of course my minor quibble with "story"), you'll enjoy this entry into the Sonic franchise if only because it retains much of what you love about Sonic—the speed, the puzzles, the speed, the platforming—and avoids a lot of the pitfalls of the more horrible games.

Orcs Must Die!

7.0 out of 10


Here's the thing with tower defense games:

Upside: They're incredibly addictive.

Downside: They can become mind-numbing.

It's a real challenge to make tower defense fun for an entire game. And I think Orcs Must Die! Gets real close. Basically, you're a cocky knight/wizard/wiseass who defends different areas from orcs. You set all sorts of creative square-shaped traps and then the orcs come and the ones who get past your traps ... well, then it's up to you.

The knight/wizard/wiseass adds a lot of flavor to the game. He's a jerk, he's funny, and he can swing a broadsword like nobody's business. But beyond that, if you've been downloading a regular stream of tower defense games, you're not going to find anything that'll keep you entertaining on a significant level from start to finish.

But tower defense games are just so addictive, aren't they? You've gotta finish them. And so long after the fun wears off, there you are: sitting in your underwear at 3 a.m. trying to beat that last annoying level.

Burger Time


5.0 out of 10

Well, they finally updated the coin-op classic Burger Time. Frank Furter is still a jerk.


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