Benji's Deli


Nov. 9, 2011
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Benji's Deli

4156 N. Oakland Ave.


Benji's specializes in Jewish dishes that can be hard to find anywhere else in Milwaukee. Their corned beef, long hailed as the city's finest, is their biggest claim to fame, but the menu also includes an impressive assortment of herring, borscht, brisket and matzo, as well as an assortment of plate-dwarfing sandwiches. Don't forget about breakfast. For that meal, Benji's offers unique items like corned beef or lox omelets and their signature dish, Hoppel Poppel, a blend of fried salami, potatoes and eggs. For an extra buck, you can upgrade to the Super Hoppel Poppel, which adds green peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese to an already very filling meal. (E.R.)


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