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Charles Allis Art Museum

Museum and Mansion

Jun. 12, 2009
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The Charles Allis Art Museum, the tutor-style mansion that was home to Charles Allis and his wife Sarah, not only hosts beautiful art pieces the mansion is a wonderful piece of art itself. The mansion hosts the couples’ unique art collection and continues to delight, educate, and entice the public. The architecture is stunning and was designed by architect Alexander Eschweiler, the house was finished in 1911. In 1979 the Allis Mansion was turned over to Milwaukee County and was designated an Art Museum.


Walking into the marble entrance hall, visitors will view the sumptuous woodwork and oil paintings, various art pieces, trinkets, sculptures all placed throughout the rooms of the mansion. The first floor is where you’ll see the library, French parlor, dining room, kitchen and the great hall. The second floor hosts a fairly extensive gallery that holds several changing exhibits each year, Charles’ bedroom, Sarah’s bedroom and the sitting room.


Open Wednesday-Sunday 1-5
1801 N. Prospect Ave.


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