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Erika Janik Gets to the Core of the 'Apple'

Nov. 28, 2011
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Apples are a significant part of our culture—whether in reference to the food, the story of Adam and Eve or the brand of personal computers, apples surround us. Even sayings like “as American as apple pie” have become part of our lexicon. This sweet fruit has both cultural and culinary roots that have turned it into a universal source of sustenance, health and symbolism. Erika Janik's new book Apple: A Global History explores the importance of the apple and traces the fruit from its roots in the East to its current popularity worldwide.

Janik is a Madison-based freelance writer and the author of A Short History of Wisconsin and Odd Wisconsin. Her work has appeared in Midwest Living, Wisconsin Trails, Wisconsin State Journal and The Onion. Janik will be speaking about Apple: A Global History at Boswell Book Co. on Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. in an event co-sponsored by Ela Orchard.

Ela Orchard is a family-owned and -operated business now in its third generation. This active orchard, located in Rochester, Wis., a small village between Waterford and Burlington, features more than 30 varieties of apples as well as select varieties of pears and freshly pressed cider. Representatives from the orchard will be on hand at Boswell to sell their delicious, diverse selection of apples and cider.


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