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The Fatty Acids

Leftover Monsterface (Kribber Krown)

Dec. 19, 2011
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The second record from the Milwaukee four-piece The Fatty Acids has the ambitious scope of a concept album, though it could just be an especially inspired stream of consciousness. Somewhere between The Flaming Lips' epic neo-psychedelia and Sufjan Stevens' Philip Glass-inspired marching band resides The Fatty Acids' bizarro anthems and plaints. If the band's name isn't purposefully hallucinogenic, Leftover Monsterface nonetheless takes the listener on a trip to an alternate, if oftentimes naively childlike, dimension of reality that bears no discernable debt to the '67 Summer of Love—until the hidden track. But amid the band's many other surprises, that's just one more brush with disorienting oddity. Cumulatively, it sounds like the rallying cry of a band aiming for bigger, stranger things—or cult-like obscurity. That they would be OK with either wouldn't be any great surprise.


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