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New Deli (EverGreene Music)

Dec. 27, 2011
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The boundaries of TriBeCaStan continue to expand. On New Deli, the musical republic's third album, TriBeCaStan unfurls its flag against a lilting Caribbean breeze (“Song for Kroncha”) before sailing onto the stranger seas of free jazz and returning to placid waters. “Louie's Luau” sounds like a gaggle of folkies jamming with a jazz band while “Freaks for the Festival” investigates the West African-rooted syncopations that undergird much of the New World's music (and has a melody likely to hang around in memory).

The band itself is as expansive as an accordion, with nine core members (including Milwaukee expat and multi-instrumentalist John Kruth) and more than a dozen guest stars on the album. New Deli is the sound of what can happen in a city like TriBeCaStan's hometown, New York, where the four corners of the world meet.


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