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SkeeNation's Milwaukee Masterminds

Jan. 10, 2012
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With SkeeNation's “Regular Skeeson” rolling along, I met with league exec Brandon Harris and local masterminds Casey Payne and Kelvin Evans alongside a pair of skeeball machines with the coin slots turned off. P.S.: It's addicting. Use the wall for the 100-point shot.

“Skee There or Skee Square.”
Says who?

Casey Payne: I had my doubts, too, man. All I could think of was Chuck E. Cheese's as a kid. But this is different. This is competitive. This is nationwide. Top teams go to the Super Roll. It just wrapped up in Atlanta. Skeeball is a great chance for showmanship—creativity with team names, shirts and silly style showdowns. There're prizes and swag and all that. It's indoors in the winter. There's beer nearby.

Milwaukee is the former home of the American Bowling Congress. What does skeeball offer that bowling doesn't?

Brandon Harris: We're competitive, sure, but more into socializing and networking. Bowling is male dominated. We're more evenly spread male/female.

So skeeballers get chicks?

BH: And money. Our rollers have culled numerous job opportunities [and] spawned countless relationships and numerous marriages, which have already led to numerous babies

Are there skeeball groupies?

BH: Definitely. Also haters. When you reach a certain roller status, you become a Skee-lebrity. I myself am the Makers Marksman.

What is the future of skeeball in our fair burg?

CP: Intra-city competition—full-fledged! Bay View versus Downtown. Tosa versus the East Side.

So where can the “unskeesoned” find out more?

BH: http://www.skeenation.com/cities/milwaukee/

One last thought. Are there automatic 50-game suspensions for enhanced synthetic testosterone levels?

BH: The only enhancer I know of is alcohol. Most people definitely roll better once they loosen up and have a few, but it also can lead to your demise and throw off your game when you have too many. Moderation is the key.


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