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Boris and Doris On the Town

Jan. 13, 2012
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Surprise, Surprise: Both Present Music and the Shepherd Express turned 30 this year with a blowout celebration at Turner Hall Ballroom. A one-of-a-kind Present Music performance resulted from the company's fans voting online for their favorite compositions. The result was a stunning mélange of beautiful, quirky, haunting, bizarre and fun-filled fare. The finale, Souvenir, was complete with dancers, glowing ping-pong balls and 20 volunteer performers.

Ever-suave Miles Fabishak from GMR partied with a gaggle of ad agency beauties—Karissa Feller, Alysha Witwicki, Sun Torke and Jess Carey, plus teacher Charise Dawson.

Also in the packed house were adman Ken Hanson, head of a new band, Panalure, and Mary Louise Schumacher; ART Milwaukee's Jeremy Fojut with social worker Jessica Zoch; dog whisperer Amy Ammen; and puppetmeister Max Samson, about to head back to India to tour with daughter Alayna. From UW-Milwaukee were Kim Cosier, head of art education; and assistant professors Shelleen Greene, Christine Woywod and Rina Kundu; plus George Owens, recently back to Milwaukee; luthier Peter Huiras; Enrique Figueroa from the Roberto Hernández Center; Kate Retzlaff and Jimmy Wills, attending his first Present Music concert; and Denny Rauen of Rauen Guitars. His wife, artist/musician Pamela Scesniak, performed at the post-party with Sarah Kozar's The Squeezettes, Milwaukee's favorite polka-pop band. Polka-ers included Betty Holloway and Jeff Ziebelman.

Partying in Pink:
The Pink House Studio celebrated its third year with a holiday party and sing-along in its cozy Riverwest digs. Trio du Monde—Tom Schwark, Jim Sambeau and Lori Giese—played European sidewalk cafe music. Hosting were co-owners/sisters artist Claire and Sarah Moore, the latter a clutter coach, there with her sons Andre and Gio. Their mom, pianist Margaret Moore, led the singing.

There with husband Jack, Tess Kenney, Concordia teacher and graphic artist, contributed her homemade cheese to the table. Other revelers included Transition Milwaukee's Natalie Berland, poet Peggy Hong, Jan Christensen, Jerry Yanasak and mechanical engineer John Gorecki, Claire's boyfriend. Donating delicious homemade chicken soup to the buffet, caterer Kathy Papineau of Localicious circulated with her kids Johnnie and Julie and her pal Victoria Wycklendt.

Bubble and Glow:
B&D checked out the fabulous year-old Hamilton, a “sexy lounge with sexy drinks for sexy people” tucked away on East Hamilton Street. Doris was in heaven with the bar's array of sparkling wines, thanks to owner Kim Floyd's knowledge of quality bubbly from her Cuvée days. Throughout the evening, Floyd led tours of her chic renovated tannery garage space, redone with the help of Flux Design and Quorum Architects. The goings-on included a relaunch for Quest magazine, now merged with Outbound. Representing the new monthly were publisher Mark Mariucci and contributors Dear Ruthie, Michael Johnston and Paul Masterson. Hottie cover model Garrett Anderson made the rounds.

Scouted out by Cee Lo Green's people, YouTube musical sensation Jordin Baas performed a two-hour stint, accompanied by buddy Joseph Bauer. The duo was warmly welcomed by velvet-voiced crooner Jerry Grillo; Salon Divine stylist Kelton Hatton; former Boot Camp Saloon owner, activist Si Smits; artist Pamela Anderson; Jerry “Gin and Tonic” Skalmusky; and Jeff Lahmann. Bar regulars were Kendra Asher from Mercy Housing, Lucinda Cooks of Mortgagebot and Floyd's partner Margaret Hamm. Cupcakes by Robert Thelen, owner of The Flour Shoppe, were a huge hit. Ex-Chicagoan and new marketing/bar manager Ryan Casey kept libations flowing.

Art on the Walls:
Artist/art blogger Jason Altobelli showcased his acrylic series “The Chapters” at an opening reception in the 10th Street Gallery. He is an artist-in-residence there, along with Shannon Molter, April Heding and Laura Gorzek. At the opening were fellow artist Jean Oliveira, with her husband, Jose, and Christine Anderson from Tory Folliard's gallery. Both are now proud owners of Altobelli paintings. Checking out the hangings were Carole Alt, an acting graduate from UW-Whitewater and Altobelli's co-worker at CapTel; artist Chip Gianakos; John Richards and his wife, Melissa Dorn Richards, owner of Plaid Tuba; and photographer William Zuback.

Lady in Red:
Chiselled Grape unveiled its seductive "The Little Red Dress" at a crowded vintners' party led by winery owners Allan Haas and Harald Tomesch. Wine expert and aromatherapist Kimberly Grasso circulated, clad in a stunning red ensemble. Proceeds from an auctioned necklace by AZNY Couture Collections and a case of the new wine went to the Grafton Education Foundation.

Among those sipping and celebrating were Haas' wife, Bader Rutter's Kris Jenson, Renate Tomesch, Aaron Guenther, Amy Ziegler, Paul Sheldon, Ann Briscoe, Amy Ferrante, Dawn Coleman, jewelry artist Tammi Giesen, Andy Oliver, guitarist Howard Haas, Terri Meinhardt and Joe Schaffer.

If you have any tips for Boris and Doris, contact them at borisanddorisott@aol.com. Their next column will appear in the Jan. 26 issue of the


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