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Shadows of the Damned

5.0 out of 10

Jan. 20, 2012
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I decided to try out this game because there was nothing else to pick up at the local Blockbuster. That, and I wanted to give another Suda 51 game a whirl. I've developed a certain animosity toward Japanese video games at this point, because I like my games to have a story and modern Japanese games really aren't very good at providing this. This has less to do with translation issues and more to do with the fact that the writers of Japanese games are obsessed with splashing metaphor all over the danged place until no one understands what the heck is going on.

But Suda 51 is pretty popular here in the states, and he wears a cool leather jacket when he travels. So I gave this game a chance.

I'll say this: that Suda 51 guy has style. This game plays like a Quinten Tarrantino movie starring Antonio Benderas, and before you say “Cool!” let me give you a fair bit of warning: I have never in my life heard so many penis jokes in such a small stretch of time.

The premise is simple. The main character, Garcia, is a demon hunter. But when his girlfriend is kidnapped, he decides to go to the Underworld to rescue her. He has the help of a skull demon named Johnson, who speaks in a British accent. Johnson is the most enjoyable part of the game, mainly because he's witty and doesn't rely on nearly as many penis jokes, of which there are many.



If you liked previous Suda 51 games, you'll probably slog through this and find it enjoyable, especially if lines like “He sounds like a real dick-tator” make you laugh. If you don't know who Suda 51 is, then you'll probably enjoy it far, far less. He's the “director,” so to speak, and when he makes a game, he really puts his stamp on it.

Like demon zombies with glowing eyes. And a rich, creative-looking underworld that draws attention to gothic styles and dark corners. The music is sometimes dark and dreary and sometimes operatic. Through all of this, only one thing remains consistent:

Tons and tons of penis jokes.

the zombie demons in the head.

The baby doorknockers?!?!

a bit out-dated.


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