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Home Movie

Jan. 22, 2012
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Conantum, July 4, 1965

Saxophone, and trombone, trumpet,
trumpet, trumpet. And there's Roxanne
and Dick, and Betty Mayfield, and the Laurie girls.
And there's George Betts on clarinet.
Of course, it's so jerky and grainy though,
which is just as it should be,
and here we suddenly actually  
are, or, and isn't that
Malcolm Sproul and Claudia French and isn't that,
or wouldn't that be Dick Benck and there's
Kit Powell, and Kathy Frey.
And now, somehow, look,
someone in somebody's yard,
a boy in a foot deep plastic pool,
skidding sideways and pitching forwards,
euphoric in jaunty fedora, a giddy private eye
in blue shirt and shorts,
waves once and as his mother laughs
she turns, and with her, wistful, and trying,
and troubled by longings, here's
Jim Jahovic with my best
friend's strange father Dr. Callahan, and quickly
someone else, and someone and someone and then,
no, yes, that's, that's What's-Her-Name,
judicious and afflicted, nice enough,
yes, and yet, there's a way she tips forward,
or inwardly anyway, as if picking up  the faintest
oracular tappings.
There's the Roundies and the Levi boy.
And there's that flirty, sparking Mrs. Archer—
and I want to run it all again.
Oh friends, where were we going
in that shaky dawn?

Mark Kraushaar has been been widely published  and anthologized with new work in the Hudson Review,  Ploughshares,  Alaska Review, Gettysburg Review,  as well as Best American Poetry, and the web site Poetry Daily. He has been featured in the Missouri Review as well as Michigan Quarterly and has been a recipient of Poetry Northwest's Richard Hugo Award.  A full length collection,"Falling Brick Kills Local Man" in earlier editions a finalist for the May Swenson Prize, the Walt Whitman Award, and the Juniper Prize was published by University of Wisconsin Press, as winner of the 2009 Felix Pollak Prize.
"Home Movie" first appeared in "New Ohio Review"  and was subsequently included in "The Uncertainty Principle" published by Waywiser Press as winner of the Anthony Hecht Prize.


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