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7th Annual Milwaukee City Guide

An Insider's Guide to Milwaukee

Apr. 30, 2008
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Talk to someone who has recently moved to Milwaukee from a larger place like New York, Boston or San Francisco, and ask what they think of our town. Invariably you'll hear, "I didn't expect to be saying this.." or "I was totally surprised..." followed by, "This is a great city!"

Milwaukee has always been a special place. Visitors and newcomers marvel over the architecture, with its miles of modes but well-designed working-class bungalows along with stately landmarks and mansions. It has always been relatively easy to live well in Milwaukee. The quality of life by many measures is high.

The Shepherd Express City Guide is an annual celebration of some of the factors that make Milwaukee special. With descritpions of hundreds of restaurants and festivals, the City Guide is a close look at the places tha add flavor and color to Milwaukee. The city has always been known for the distinct identity of its neighborhoods. This year the City Guide examines many well-known places as well as new attractions on all sides of town and the surrounding counties.

Milwaukee has major league sports and professional theater; a ballet, a symphony and an opera; galleries, concert halls and clubs; an international film festival and an art museum housed in a building that has earned the attention of the world. And that is only a short list of what Milwaukee has to offer. Visitors and newcomers talk about the buildings but can't forget the people. The City Guide is offered as an appreciation for many of the people whose enterprise has made southeastern Wisconsin a great place to live.


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