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Thank you Good Samaritan

Ann, Rockford, Il

Apr. 19, 2008
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I would like to express my deep gratitude to the man from Milwaukee who took the time to stop and help change a tire on my Econoline. 
     My son and I were traveling from Poynette down to Rockford after having performed a gig at the Mackenzie Environmental Center.  While driving on the Interstate, we blew the back tire.  The jack for the Econoline is very ill adapted to the vehicle.  As we were forced to park on an incline in a middle stretch with very strong winds,  we found it very difficult to keep the vehicle from falling off the jack when trying to mount the spare. 
     A good Samaritan stopped and indeed was able to hoist the van with his Honda jack.  ( We had been fumbling in the busy,busy traffic for at least 2 hours until this man stopped.)
   Thank you,again.
    Ann ( Rockford, Il)


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