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Boris and Doris On the Town

Feb. 8, 2012
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Funding Fun: SoundBites, a first-time 88Nine Radio Milwaukee fund-raiser, was top-notch. At the sold-out event in the Iron Horse Hotel, radio fans were treated to gourmet fare from nine top Milwaukee restaurants, while station DJs paired music with the culinary creations. 

Board chair Sarah Zimmerman welcomed partiers and “Wisconsin Foodie” Kyle Cherek gave a shout-out to the chefs. The food was delicious, including Hinterland's rabbit kidneys, Trocadero's roasted quail, La Merenda's lamb humba and the Rumpus Room's pork belly. Iron Horse executive chef Maikel Correa served Smyth's beer cheese soup. Steve Hawthorne and Kendra Barron poured Stone Creek Coffee, which paired nicely with the Sail Loft's desserts.

Making the rounds were Radio Milwaukee's Mary Louise Mussoline; Iron Horse owner Tim Dixon; Leo and Genna Espinosa; Dr. Vanya, Linda and Aleksandar Ivanovic; Max and Sandra Dermond; Anne and Charles Trainer; and Stewart and Kari Wangard and their niece, Rebecca Wangard.

Others were Muffie and Peter Browne, who donated Carey limo rides to the event; Deanna Inniss and Chris Boettcher, looking forward to their upcoming nuptials; board member Ken Krei and his wife, Melinda, owners of Third Ward Records, and their son Andrew, Good Luck Joes' guitarist; Karen Goeken and Dave Farley; E.J. and Jennifer Herr, back from Singapore, where event sponsor Josh Adams from Mindpool Live is soon heading with the Foo Fighters. The evening was chaired by Adams' wife, Sandi Anderson, with the help of Marci Pelzer; Kathy Crocker, with her husband, Randy; Danae Davis; Eric Resch; Carl Cahill, with his wife, Eileen Force Cahill, and others. Ellie Harbeck poured spot-on martinis at the bar.

Patrician Photos:
Tina Barney's exhibition of exquisite photography, “The Europeans,” was enhanced by her talk in Marquette Law School's Eckstein Hall. After the lecture, the crowd retired to the Haggerty Museum to view her work and be treated to the gilded world of European Half-of-One-Percenters.

Just about every Milwaukee photographer of note was there. Carroll University photo professor Phil Krejcarek shepherded a flock of students. Jim Brozek sat in, with his wife, artist Pat Hidson. Circulating were William Zuback, Mark Brautigam, Kevin Miyazaki, Eddee Daniel, Tara Bogart, Paul Matzner, Art Elkon and Jim Seder, there with his wife, Marie. Also eyeing the colorfully large, lush yet intimate portraits were Mike and Deb Dwyer; Andy and John Grant; Alden and Gus Taylor; and UW-Milwaukee's Carl Bogner and Lynden Sculpture Garden's Polly Morris.

Royal Celebration: Cecilia “The Queen” Gilbert
celebrated her 63rd birthday at Dick's Pizza & Pleasure on Milwaukee Street. Friends and family poured in to well-wish, imbibe and taste the coal-fired pizza, followed by boogieing upstairs to DJ Shawna Nicols, daughter of BID cheerleader Beth Nicols. The crowd included Dick's owner Tom Wackman; Hunger Task Force's Michael Jonas; Tracey Carson and Bill Zaferos, spiffy in a porkpie hat, and hair designer Dean Diplaris. Other partiers were Summerfest's Don Smiley; Beverly Sanders-Waddell and her husband, Gasper Waddell; Trina and Jose Castillo from AXA Advisors; Genyne Edwards; Daniel Helminiak; Leslie Silletti; and attorney Kimberly Montgomery and Wanda Montgomery.

Metro has a face-lift, including banquette seating and Brooklyn Henke's cool murals. There's also new executive chef Michael Long's “hot neue menu,” and new GM Kris Willis renamed the ballroom the “Little Great Room.” At a recent staff party, Latrelle Poe was honored as employee of the year, while Michael Strand was chosen the manager of the year. Caricaturist David Fliss created fun simulations of the revelers.

Chili Days:
B&D headed to the sixth annual Milwaukee Chili Bowl Cook-off with Groupon in hand, the aroma of the 60 chili offerings permeating Potawatomi Bingo Casino's new Expo Center. Andrew Swofford, president of MilwaukeeFood.com, organized the soiree.

Representing Hunger Task Force, a proceeds recipient, were researcher Ali Mooney and community relations manager Marie Jewell. B&D's favorites included Café Manna's vegetarian version, served by owners Robin and Jim Kasch, and spicy fare from Cafe India's Rakesh “Ryan” Rehan. McGillycuddy's Kelly Wittemann wore his Art Kumbalek look-alike headgear while dishing out hugs. Saz's Prohibition Batch 19 was enhanced with Miller beer, served by Kevin Sheridan and flapper Maddie Brenner, chef Michael Paris and Jim Kasper.

Dr. Dawg offered Texas No Bean and Off the Clock Bar & Grill's George Stevenson, Angela Walczak and Tony Koszyczarek used Jimmy Luv's Bloody Mary Mix in their concoction. The mix was also a big hit at the bar. From Luv's were President Jimmy Roeglin, Amy Stollenwerk, John Becwar and Jeremy Leonardelli.

Out 'n Around:
D&B stopped at Allium and ran into none other than the Shepherd Express' Alpha Dog, publisher Louis Fortis, as well as architectural doctoral candidate Kate Malia celebrating her 24th birthday with pals Lucille Strawn, Rachel Isley, Dan Ursin, Nate Cantley, Lizzy Couture, Graham Caflisch, Max Costello and more. Katie Wysocki, Kayla Beegle and Taquisha Jones enjoyed a gals' night out.

If you have any tips for Boris and Doris, contact them at borisanddorisott@aol.com. Their next column will appear in the Feb. 23 issue of the


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