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Bay View Book Arts Gallery

Paging through history

Apr. 21, 2008
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A major obstacle in getting people interested and excited about art in a gallery setting is the fact that gallery attendees cannot touch the art they came to look at. This is not a problem at Bay View Book Arts, however, as patrons are allowed to not only peruse, but also handle the delicately hand-crafted works of local author/artists. Many of the pieces on display are made from hand-made paper and aim to document events, both local and national, and recreate a vivid slice of the area’s rich history.

The gallery itself is located at Hide House, formerly an industrial complex hidden well away from many of the trendy, upscale eateries and shops that have sprung up in Bay View over the last few years. The space is well-lit with window views providing access to the rest of the newly restored abandoned warehouse complex.

Sharing building space with Bibelot Artists Gallery Shop as well as other artist supply stores and rehearsal and recording space that cater to Bay View’s burgeoning music scene, Bay View Book Arts also provides weekly classes with local artists teaching techniques for the public to begin cultivating their own unique book art creations.

Bay View Book Arts is open Thursday- Sunday 12-5 pm or by appointment.

Bay View Book Arts
2625 South Greeley #100
Milwaukee, WI53202


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