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Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Galleries

Showcasing the next generation

Apr. 21, 2008
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The modern feel of the galleries at Milwaukee Institute of art and Design fits nicely with most of the graphically inspired work done by the students there. The 800 person art school located in the Third Ward features galleries with exposed pipes and internal machinery which adds to the sleek, modern look of many of the displays. Several galleries are open and a maze of sorts gives way to smaller rooms that house all types of student works including graphic design pieces and small-scale installations.

The cool gray walls accent the modern and slightly metallic feel inside the galleries. It is hard not to be simply immersed in art work when visiting these galleries as pieces by various alumni are strewn in each hallway, assuring that you’ll never be without something to gaze at appreciatively.

MIAD’s galleries are open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
273 E. Erie St.
Milwaukee, WI53202


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