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16th-Century Laughs in Windfall's 'Wittenberg'

Feb. 15, 2012
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Billed as “tragical, comical, historical,” David Davalos' Wittenberg is an intellectual comedy with an edge to it. This month Windfall Theatre presents an intimate staging of the play, which is set on a university campus in the early 16th century.

Carol Zippel directs a cast that is well suited to the job at hand. David Flores plays Dr. John Faustus, professor of philosophy. The talented, experienced Flores has played tragic figures before. Perhaps his version of Faustus will be informed by his 2005 portrayal of Richard III. Robert W.C. Kennedy plays theology professor Martin Luther a short time before he writes The Ninety-Five Theses. Kennedy's brilliant, comic sense of skepticism and pragmatism should place the production on firm footing. The two university men are drawn together as they discuss the nature of existence in the presence of Hamlet, a student who has yet to claim a major. Kyle Queenan rounds out the central trio of the cast as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (class of 1517). Queenan is a promising young actor who has shown the poise and precision needed to keep Hamlet from devolving into a straight man for the comedy of Faustus and Luther.

Windfall Theatre's production of Wittenberg runs Feb. 17-March 3 at Village Church Arts, 130 E. Juneau Ave. For ticket reservations, call 414-332-3963.

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