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Scars of Falling into Blue

Feb. 19, 2012
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Everyone circles around these
crooked square designs;
we construct new shapes that
have no corners to stumble
round - complications clear the
simple straight fact that
one day
we will exist only in a box
or an ocean in which we can
no longer speak.
Does sitting in silence constitute
our best attempts to seek the
company of sound?
Doors close and a
screen whistles down
"I don't care's" heard in the hall,
steps to nothings
a drag
an exhale; sighs of the lonely
man in the upstairs apartment
nine feet above
my own holding of breath.

Ryan C. Woolgar, an emerging artist practicing painting and poetry, lives in Milwaukee where he teaches visual art classes privately and at the Villa Terrace and Charles Allis Decorative Art Museums.


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