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The Mike Benign Compulsion


Feb. 20, 2012
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Power-pop is a genre that has seen its better day—and that was sometime in 1972. And yet, on its second CD, The Mike Benign Compulsion delivers a perfectly shaped blast of power-pop with “My Michelle,” a short, pointed, fiercely tuneful song with a girl's name. Not that the Milwaukee band can easily be filed under power-pop (as the term is usually understood nowadays). The Compulsion owes much of its inspiration to the ideal marriage of words, melody and rock rhythm found on the best 1980s-era tracks of Squeeze and Elvis Costello. Programmed in the manner of a classic album, Martha isn't a disheveled grab bag of tunes, but rather a set of songs with a dynamic flow between soaring peaks and gentle slopes.

The Mike Benign Compulsion performs with Slo-Fi Feb. 25 at Tonic Tavern.


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