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Inova Gallery of Visual Arts

UWM’s visions of the future

Apr. 22, 2008
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The unique visual artistic projects of UWM students are displayed in this Prospect Avenue gallery. Sharing a building with the new Urban Outfitters retail store, the Inova Gallery features a number of interesting conceptual pieces from the skilled minds in UWM’s art programs.

Like the other UWM galleries, Inova features very bright, white walls with few frills. The stone flooring makes for a modern feel that pairs well with the aesthetic most of the art seems to have. Not only does the gallery cater to the work of students, but recognized artists have had their work displayed at the gallery which routinely features shows from emerging professionals both locally and nationally.

PeckSchool of the Arts Inova Gallery is open Wednesday, Friday-Sunday 12-5 pm; Thursday 12-8 pm.

Inova Gallery of Visual Arts
Kenilworth Square East
2155 N. Prospect Ave.
Milwaukee, WI53202


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