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Art History Gallery

At UW-Milwaukee

Jun. 12, 2009
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This small gallery located in UWM's Mitchell Hall is perhaps the finest link that the Eastside has to Milwaukee's bygone eras. With a strong focus on the preservation of local historical artworks, UWM's Art History Gallery walls are usually flush with work from local artists, if not historians, with a keen eye for highlighting the changing face of Milwaukee through the artistic renderings of the city's many landmarks.

Several collections and exhibitions are presented each semester and the gallery also devotes the space to the work of upper-level students from the university's art department. Like most of the galleries at UWM the walls are of a stark white or natural tone. This lack of visual flair in regard to the gallery's design aesthetics assures that the focus stays squarely on the exhibits being displayed.

Hours vary by exhibition and are flexible for small touring groups of students or the public.

UWM Art History Gallery
Department of Art History
Mitchell Hall (Room 154)
3203 N. Downer Ave.
Milwaukee, WI


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