Mar. 12, 2012
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I'm not sure why Craig Walkner adopted the Moo moniker for his first ambient solo project, but the title of this album sure makes sense. Introversion's dark electronica, subtle melodies and surrealistic tones suggest complete immersion and self-reflection—making this an ideal headphones album.

Parts of Introversion were recorded while Walkner, a Wisconsin native now residing in Madison, lived far from home in Austin, Texas—which explains the title of the pastoral “I Haven't Known Winter for Three Years.” His work with eclectic regional outfits Yeti Rain and Far Corner is apparent on these aural landscapes. Better known as a drummer, Walkner showcases his innovative percussion on “When You Look Back, You Live in the Present,” and Chicago musician Roger Ebner guests on sax and wind synth during the album's creepiest cut, “The Reed That Bends.” Clocking in at an unexpectedly short 33 minutes, Introversion proves once and for all that Walkner is more than just a drummer. 


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