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'Until the Next Time' Transcends Time

Kevin Fox to appear in Oconomowoc

Mar. 12, 2012
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Myth, belief, identity and lasting love are all themes in Kevin Fox's Until the Next Time. When 21-year-old Sean Corrigan receives a journal belonging to an uncle he didn't even know existed, he embarks on a journey across the Atlantic—and across lifetimes—in search of the truth about that uncle, Michael Corrigan. Sean quickly gets caught up in the lives of people who knew Michael, a cop accused of murder who fled New York for asylum in Ireland. Sean also begins to uncover secrets about his own life—both his past and his future. As his connection to his uncle grows stronger, Sean realizes that his very existence is indistinguishable from the life described in his uncle's journal.

Chapters alternate between Sean's present adventure and his uncle's past and the two distinct stories begin to flow together as more is revealed about both men. Until the Next Time has a dark intensity. Readers will enjoy the fast pace and timeless love story in this tale filled with mystery and suspense. The book also explores the deep heritage of Irish history and culture and raises questions about a mystical world that transcends time.

Kevin Fox was a producer and writer for the TV series “Lie to Me” and worked as a screenwriter for the film The Negotiator. Until the Next Time is his first novel. Fox will appear at The Pub in Oconomowoc on March 15 for a dinner event. Tickets are available at Books & Company (1039 Summit Ave., Oconomowoc) or online at www.booksco.com.


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