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Mar. 18, 2012
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Great cook, descendent
of green grocers, pickle
makers and bakers
in the markets of Poland
and Romania.
Now poised for the first
harvest from the herb garden
set in rotten stone and old logs
just beyond the kitchen window:

wiggy clumps of chives,
pushy mint, sour sorrel,
pungent oregano –
you love them all,
even the sappy plastic
lawn bunnies, snuggled
all winter under the snow,
emerging in late April,
under a tarragon umbrella.

By mid-May the snowbirds
can return to real earth –
delicate parsely,
limpid basil, rosemary,
a fake evergreen
than can't bluff February.
But it's spring,
and with sheers you go out
like a barber whose customers
hold still for the short cut
and keep coming back with more.

Warren Woessner is the Senior Editor of Abraxas. His poetry has appeared in Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Midwest Quarterly, 5 AM, Cutbank and Nimrod. His most recent collection is Clear All the Rest of the Way (Backwaters Press).


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