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El Fogoncito's Authentic Mexican Menu

El Fogoncito's Authentic Mexican Menu

Mar. 29, 2012
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A 1960s office building just south of Mayfair Mall is a very unlikely spot for an authentic Mexican restaurant, but Taqueria El Fogoncito (10425 W. North Ave.) makes it work. Look for the small bright awning, the only color on a pale yellow brick building. The menu offers a few egg dishes and some simple Mexican fare. Be sure to try the taco combination plate. Tacos are served the proper way, with double tortillas and toppings of chopped cilantro and onions. The carne asada features chopped grilled steak, the pulled chicken is cooked with fresh tomato, and the taco al pastor comes in an excellent marinade of chiles. Don't be fooled by its location: This is authentic Mexican food.


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