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Apr. 4, 2012
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El Tondero
2462 S. 13th St.

Milwaukee's oldest Peruvian restaurant specializes in seafood, but meat-eaters will find items of interest such as saltado de carne, a tasty beef dish. Seafood is steamed, fried, stewed or in a ceviche. Top the meal off with a Peruvian beer or brandy. Best of all, the prices are wallet-friendly. (J.B.) $$. CC. OD, FB. FF. 384-8835

Mr. Sebass
3427 W. National Ave.

Homey and inexpensive Peruvian fare is the draw at Mr. Sebass. The menu offers items like a traditional Peruvian ceviche cooked in lemon juice, a few sandwiches and entrees that change daily. Hope to find rotisserie chicken or tallarin verde, a Peruvian version of pesto. Jalea is a mixture of fried seafood and aji de gallina is chicken breast coated with a mixture of cheese, milk, peanuts and eggs. This is simple, honest Peruvian fare without any pretensions. (J.B.) $. CC. Handicap access. 383-0300


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